„Hands on Physics with MIT“ – a high school example of collaborative learning in action

Time: Thu, 16:30 – 17:15 CEST

Speakers: Cristina Trevissoi and students, Liceo Scientifico Antonio Roiti, Ferrara, Italy

Age of participants: any

Short desciption: This talk will present an example of collaborative learning in action. An experiential project based learning (PBL) within a traditional Italian STEM oriented high school has been carried on in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Physics Department of Ferrara University. Students from different grades, mentors and teachers are walking together in the path of knowledge.
The presentation will demonstrate how a non-traditional method of teaching and learning in a community of high school students can build knowledge and foster passion that fuels motivation for STEM.
Most of all, these students develop important life skills to build a better world. Teams formed around project ideas, proposed during group ideation sessions. Design discussions presented a variety of perspectives and required students to reason through alternatives and agree upon the best solution. Students realized that working together and sharing talents is the best way to achieve a creative, effective result.
The project itself is not the main goal, the individual and team experiences are more important.
With a huge variety of examples of student projects.

Requirements: English

Various: Lecture in English language