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Präsentationen Nowy UrengoiSchule Nr 17k.A.
IR-KameraGustavo ThielIch interessiere mich für wärme Kontraste und deswegen baue ich eine Infrarotkamera.
IBO -Internationale BiologieOlympiadePaul Hengesbachk.A.
Salzhydrate in Kugelform - Eine Wärmetasse für jeden?Soma Miwak.A.
KohlenstoffnanoröhrchenSimon Richter, Wenzel Grigorevski, Moritz FiggeWir wollen bessere Methoden zur Herstellung der Nanostruktur Kohlenstoffnanoröhrchen entwickeln. Uns ist es bereits gelungen CNTs herzustellen und mit Hilfe eines Elektronenmikroskops nachzuweisen.
KugelblitzSimon Richter, Alexander MellRekonstruktion des Naturphänomens Kugelblitz im Labor. Uns ist es bereits gelungen Kugelblitze zu erzeugen und mit Highspeedaufnahmen zu filmen. Diese Filme werden wir zeigen.
Gravity CarKnud Austk.A.
CyberdogNoah SchweifertIch arbeite an einem Roboterhund, der später mal blinden Menschen helfen soll.
Propelling into the future: Design and construction of solid rocket engines.Albert Garrell Golobardes, Jordi Vàzquez i Mas, Nil Plana i Montserrat, Arthur Daussà Baize.The complexity yet beauty of everything related to space and rocketry enthralled all the members of our group, and from the very beginning we wanted to take a deep dive into this subject:
design, experiment and see the results for ourselves. This work will go through the bases of rocketry, with special focus on experimental solid rocket engines.
It will include from how they operate to the design and construction of our own rocket engines, ending with their tests and their analysis and with a successful launch of a model rocket with one of our engines.
Cosmic rays for beginners: building a muon detectorAlejandro Campañá Baya,
Anton García Batallé &
Bernat Tortajada Vela
We are a group of students from Barcelona who are interested in physics and all kinds of stuff related to how our universe works. Particularly, we want to learn about what we are passionate about, so, later, we will be able to tell people who are not much into the topic.
Our project is intended, in a clear way for the public, to be simple and descriptive at explaining the phenomenon known as cosmic rays.
Hence, the study aspires to explore the aforesaid phenomenon from its principles and very basic rules; parting from its history and the nature of its discovery, in order to later on be able to go into its functioning, both in an experimental and a theoretical way. Ultimately, all this information will be useful to us for the understanding of its behavior. Finally, we will be able to recreate experiments that have been and still are being used for its detection and later study.
Apart from all the theoretical part and all the research we have done, we wanted to demonstrate this phenomenon's existence, so people who are reluctant to read about the topic might be interested in it. Thus, we decided to learn to build a muon detector with a visually attractive data output. Practically three months ago we started designing and developing it.
Although we are finished with all the structure, circuit, and code, we still do not have a plastic scintillator, an essential part of it; so, we cannot make it work yet. We know the electric circuit and the program are working, which is a success, but we still must make the final trials.
The responsible alternative: hydrogen vehiclesFerran Cid, Meritxell MontanyaWe, human beings, are wasting all the Earth’s natural resources and giving our planet an expiration date.
As a result of the immeasurable amounts of gases that have been released into the atmosphere, climate change has become a threat to the planet, changing the Earth’s climatology and atmosphere. Antarctica is one of the most affected regions by it, due to the region’s magnetism. Consequently, the objective of this investigation is to design a sustainable method of transportation which generates fewer atmospheric pollutants, in order to offern Antarctica's expeditionists a more responsible and efficient means of travel. Taking into account variables such as limatology and the specific needs of the scientists, we developed a theoretical hydrogen car combined with a module (for efficiency purposes).
As the first method considered to obtain hydrogen resulted unsatisfactory, we opted for using renewable energy sources instead, which is delivering the expected outcome and fulfilling the main objective of our project. We finalised by building a model of the hydrogen car with a real fuel cell.
SNITCHArnau Ortega, Isa Roma and Anna VillalobosOur project consists in building a rescue vehicle to use in different circumstances like after a fire or an earthquake.
One of the characteristics that we want it to have is to be autonomous, this way it could operate even if there’s no connection. The movement of the robotic platform would be governed from a map that it does itself with SLAM.
On the other hand, the map will also be used for locating people that we are going to recognize with a machine learning algorithm (specifically TensorFlow Lite with some modifications we have done to it).
For accomplishing all this aims, we are using different technological devices connected among them with ROS.
In the future we also want to be able to stablish communication between the rescued and the rescuers and adapt the current vehicle to different environments. Also, we are documenting everything we are doing and using so that the robot could also be used for different purposes and even projects with their own specific functionalities.
WolkenkammerMaximilian MünchIch beschäftige mich mit der Frage, wie Wolken entstehen und wie die Entstehung von Wolken durch Partikel in der Luft beeinflusst wird. Dazu baue ich eine Wolkenkammer.
PolarlichterMario MataIch erstelle Pollarlichter in ein vaqcuum künstlich.
Umwandlung von CO2 aus Haushalts- und Industrie-Emissionen mittels Chlorella vulgarisAlexander Heitzerk.A.
Geoökologische Untersuchungen im Bereich der AußenalsterElla Perlitiusk.A.
Roboter mit Sensoren Tom BernhardtEin selbstfahrender Roboter wird mit Sensoren ausgestattet. Dieser soll Daten von schwer zugänglichen oder für den Menschen gefährlichen Orten sammeln können.
Sonnenbetriebenes Kraftwerk Stefan Glas, Pau Gelabert, Tim Mühlhause Unser Ziel ist es, möglichst kostengünstig und umweltfreundlich ein Solarkraftwerk zu bauen, welches auch warmes Wasser erzeugen kann (zum Heizen). Unser Kraftwerk basiert auf dem Konzept eines Parabolrinnenkraftwerks
Es werde Licht! Pflanzenwachstum unter künstlicher BeleuchtungJoris Gilfert, Luca Geisterk.A.
GedankensteuerungWU9 Steiper, ASSk.A.
FilterhoseWU9 Steiper, ASSk.A.
BeobachtungsgleiterWU9 Steiper, ASSk.A.
Aktiver RohrmolchWU9 Steiper, ASSk.A.
Nachweis von Aminosäuren in Lebensmitteln (Arminosäuren/ Proteine)Vincent Winterk.A.
CO2- AbsorbtionenTom Gutowskik.A.
Electro BikeSheryar NazimThe Electro Bike is a bike witch a person can use to create elecrticity. But the main purpose of this project is to show people the value of the electricity we use daily.
Helligkeitsbestimmung von BeteigeuzeNadini Vartikark.A.
Scanner PenIrene Mantovanik.A.
Mechanic HandFrancesco TecchioFor rehabilitation purposes this mechanic hand/glove allows movement to a weakened hand
Untersuchung der Atmosphäre mit ZeppelinenJulian SchoofBau eines Zeppelins zur großflächigen Untersuchung der mitleren Luftschicht (ca. 800-1100 Meter)
RoboterarmMoritz Feik, Jonah SonnenburgWir bauen einen Roboterarm, der uns bei unserem späteren Projekten helfen soll. Der Roboterarm soll später eine Sprachsteuerung bekommen. Aktuell beschäftigen wir uns mit der Konstruktion des Sockels und der Elektronik. Zu Testzwecken untersuchen wir ein kommerzielles Modell.
DemNet - Ein demokratisches soziales Netzwerk entwickelnAbbashan Karasahin, Joris Gutjahrk.A.
Geoökologische Analyse des Fließgewässers WandseRené Bengschk.A.
HovercraftFilippo Callegarithe hovercraft is a vehicle built for the movement of objects and person that work with 0 friction
SupraleitungPaul Walinger, Stefan Kaberich Wir werden in einem Versuch unsere Supraleiter auf supraleitende Eigenschaften überprüfen. (z.B. ihn schweben zu lassen)
ReBeatPhilipp Rathmannk.A.
Gesture GloveCarl Becker, Robert Schmolligk.A.
Gadolinium freies MRT-KontrastmittelAruna Shermak.A.