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Solar observation on the computer

Time: Tuesday, 14:00 – 16:00 – ONLINE ONLY

Speaker: Carolin Liefke – House of astronomy, Heidelberg

Age of participants: From intermediate level

Short description: Our sun is an extremely dynamic celestial body: sunspots on its surface come and go within a few days, in a cycle of 11 years they occur more or less strongly clustered. Huge gas clouds, the prominences, rise above the solar surface within minutes. In addition, enormous amounts of energy are released at irregular intervals in bursts of brightness. All these phenomena are summarized under the term activity. Although they can be easily observed with suitable telescopes, systematic observations such as long-term measurements and the inclusion of data from far away from the visible spectral range are limited. The software JHelioviewer or its web application allows interactive access to the archives of various satellite missions for solar observation and thus also to get to the bottom of the causes of solar activity.

Required previous knowledge: Use of an Internet browser